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We've Been Nominated for a Bunch of Lovie Awards

If you like what we do come and vote for us.

Photo by Frederick Paxton. Russian Roulette.

It's that time of year again: the Lovie Award nominations have been announced and we're up for a whole bunch – hardly a surprise. But enough showing off already! If you watch and enjoy our films, lend us a hand and vote. We can't win without your clicks of approval, and – let's be honest – it would be total bullshit if we didn't win in all of the ten categories that we're up for.

If watching, reading and liking what we do isn't enough to motivate you to give us credit where due, then simply do us a favour – we want to go to an awards ceremony because it's pretty much the only time of the year we get to change out of our shitty clothes, put on a suit and get wasted on free prossecco. You can click the links below to vote.

Website: Best Writing –
Internet Video: Documentary – Warlords of Tripoli - VICE News
Website: Music – Noisey
Website: News – VICE News
Social: News & Information – VICE News
Social: Overall Social Presence – VICE
Internet Video: Branded Entertainment – First Flight (Vodafone, AKQA and Virtue at VICE Media)
Internet Video: Best Web Personality/Host – Simon Ostrovsky, Russian Roulette - VICE News
Internet Video: Public Service & Activism – Young and Gay in Putin's Russia
Internet Video: Viral Video – We Got Twenty Strangers Who Aren't Models to Kiss Each Other

Thanks! And here's a reminder of the kind of sophisticated editorial vision that got us here: