A Few Pieces of 'Toilet Paper'


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The We Missed You Issue

A Few Pieces of 'Toilet Paper'

Take a sneak peek at the upcoming issue of twisted, vibrant, and beautiful biannual 'Toilet Paper' magazine.

Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari have been churning out the twisted, vibrant, and beautiful biannual Toilet Paper magazine since 2010, and we've been following their work ever since. This is the third time we've featured them in our magazine, and we doubt it'll be the last. The following pages are an exclusive preview from their upcoming issue, and we can say with confidence it will be a surreal one.


Stylist: Francesca Cefis; Stylist Assistant: Giulia Sanna; Set Design: Michela Natella; Set Design Assistant: Irene Ghillani; Hair and Makeup: Lorenzo Zavatta at Face to Face; Hair and Makeup Assistant: Ginevra Calie; Producer: Federico delle Piane; Animal Trainer: Giulia Pasqualetti at Animal House Milano; Models: JJ at The Lab Models, Peter Lissidini at Elite Milano, Armela Lola, Matteo Tres Bones