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The Life of the Party

Nevada's prostitutes don't like the word “fucking” – “Partying” is a much better term.

av VICE Staff
2012 10 22, 11:00am

Prostitutes, fun-loving though they are, find it a bit uncouth to call what they do behind closed doors “fucking”. They’d rather call it “partying”. In Nevada, where prostitution is legal, there's a lot of "partying" going on. The 28 legal brothels in Nevada generate around $50 million a year. Recently, photographer and journalist Steven Hirsch spent a week inside two of them, photographing everyday life and interviewing the ladies working there. What he showed us was a true look at the life of the party, told, in part, by the women themselves.


I'm a prostitute. This is my second day. I worked yesterday and I had my first date. It was awesome. I was living in a tent before, so all I really want to do is get back on my feet, get stable and live in an actual home. I love meeting all the guys and I love sex, so it’s the perfect place to be. In the beginning, it was nerve-racking because I didn't know what to do.

The whole tantric sex thing, I want to look into that. It sounds pretty spiritual. It's a technique you use when you're having sex, you're connecting with the person spiritually, physically and spiritually. So, I think it's pretty exciting. It's pretty intimate when someone can make that connection with you.

I learned how to put a condom on with my mouth. That was pretty interesting. I'm down to try anything once. I'm a thrill seeker. I believe everyone should be pleasured.


I'm a legal prostitute. It's hectic. It's stressful. I make money doing it. It's actually harder than the average job. You have to learn how to talk. You have to learn how to dress. There are really strict limitations on what you can and cannot do when it comes to getting customers’ attention. You can talk to them, but you can't let them physically touch you without paying.

The lineup is where they ring the bell a bunch of times because there's somebody who wants to pick a girl. You tell them your name. You introduce yourself. You can't talk other than saying your name. And they pick you out of the lineup. And when they pick you, you give them a tour and you negotiate your price in your room. And then, if they want to party – which is what we call it, partying – if they want sex or any type of sex, then they pay the cashier. Then you come back to your room. You have a sheet laying on your bed, and they have a towel so they can take a shower and you also have to check their pubic hairs to make sure they don't have anything wrong or any open sores or anything like that. Anything you do, you have to use a condom.

We try to put make-up on and do our hair. We wear heels all the time. You just try to make yourself as attractive as you can. It's nerve-racking because you really want to get picked to make money. There are guys that creep you out, but you still have to do your job. I look at it like a dollar sign. I don’t enjoy it at all. I just do my job, make money and go home. Actually, I fake a lot.


I'm a legal prostitute. It's really fun. I get to meet new people every day and just have a lot of fun. Sexual fun. Lots of fantasies and role-playing and toys and fetishes and all kinds of stuff.

I'll tell you about my last party. It was about 30 minutes ago actually and it was a schoolgirl/professor party. I dressed up like a schoolgirl, and he was the professor and he pretty much dominated me. Told me what to do and, like, lead the way. It was nothing forceful but it was just really hot. I got an “A++,” he said. I'm, like, on the honour roll.

I love anything that has to do with two girls. I really love it. I'm very bi. Vaginas and penises, they're all different, and I want to see them all. The more the merrier.

Alexis Fire

I have fun, all kinds of stuff. I'm a muse, I'm a contortionist and I have sex for a living. Mostly I have a lot of sex. I'm a sex addict. What better place is there to be in to live out my fantasies and be a sex addict? I know the word “addict” sounds like maybe a bad thing. You know what? I am what I am. I've always sort of been hyperactive. Mentally, sexually, physically.

Yeah, sure, sex worker, prostitute, courtesan, dominatrix, your fantasy. Yeah, all of the above. I was a stripper for a long time. I'm open to a lot of shit. I've done a lot of kinky stuff in my life.


I'm a courtesan. That means I am very versed in the sexual industry and able to speak to the gentlemen about their interests and their desires. I am able to please. Not only on an emotional level but on a mental level too. We aim to please them with their fantasies, whatever fantasies they have. I haven't been doing this very long. I just started. I've come to the realisation I enjoy pleasing, I'm very sexual and I very much enjoy getting to know and understand what the men's needs and desires are.

I have gentlemen that ask me if I'll just hold them. I consider that interesting because usually men are dominant. But here they can be whoever they want. I think my two years of schooling in psychiatry helped.

I think I'm going to do very well. I think I'm going to be very successful. I do what not a lot of women do. I listen. And I'm very emotional. I'm attentive. The reason why I got involved in this is because I wanted to go back to school. And working as a bartender or a waitress, you can't make that kind of money to go back to school or help your family out. And the economy is a bit down. People always need to be listened to, heard, loved and appreciated. If you can deliver that, you can be very successful.

I have great expectations.

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