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Snoop Lion's 'Reincarnated' Documentary Has a New Trailer

This is it.

Snoop Dogg went to Jamaica last year on a spiritual journey and ended up changing his name to Snoop Lion, immersing himself in Rastafari culture and recording a reggae album – a long way from being one of the figureheads of the most violent era in hip hop (hence the name of our film Reincarnated, duh). We followed him around with a camera as he did all that stuff, as well as checking out a weed farm on the side of a mountain and taking a look at the violence and police brutality that's been on the rise in certain areas since the exile of drug lord Chris "Coke" Dudus.

The full length film is coming out in February, but here's an extended theatrical trailer for now, featuring his latest release "Here Comes the King".