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Make a Great Escape to Brighton This May

It doesn't involve a Nazi POW camp, but it does involve a great festival.

Not sure if we mentioned this before, but hanging out in Brighton is pretty great. It's got seagulls, a fun park pier and seems to be solely populated by an assortment of costume-loving, wonderfully promiscuous drunks.

Now, as festival season prepares to kick off, we have an excuse to escape to Brighton once again.

And guess what our best friends at Noisey did? They built a whole stage for us all at The Great Escape!


Mujeres, Haim, Fanzine and Novella will be playing it from 7PM till 11PM, while earlier (at about midday) we will be filming an episode of Noisey Talks in front of a live audience, like Question Time or The Cosby Show, or something.

VICE's Dan Miller will also be there discussing the changing nature of the music press.

Anyway, all of this will be taking place at Audio on Saturday the 12th of May. You are all invited. Come! (Click here to buy tickets.)

And if you'd like to try and win a pair of weekend passes all you have to do is head over to the Noisey Twitter page! It's pretty easy.

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