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Question of the Day - What Rapper Would You Fight?

A surprising number of people think they'd be able to take Lil Wayne.

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The other night, Chris Brown apparently sent a bottle of champagne to Drake's table at some club in New York, in an attempt to resolve their feud over Rihanna. The story then goes that Drake sent the bottle back with a note reading: "I'm fucking the love of your life, deal with it."

For whatever reason Brown took umbrage to this, and both entourages began fighting and throwing bottles at each other, resulting in the grisly gash on Brown's chin you can see above. Here's a video of some impossible-to-make-out people fighting that is supposed to be the incident in question.


On that bombshell we decided to go and ask the general public which rapper's blood they would love to feel dripping down their knuckles. What rapper would you fight?

VICE: What rapper would you like to fight?
Kia, 20: Has it got to be a rapper that I like, or a rapper that I don’t like? Well… You’re fighting them. That's all I'm gonna say. The rest is up to you.
Right, Kanye West. I absolutely hate him. He’s just got a massive ego and I can’t stand him. What would you do to him?
I’d lynch him. No I wouldn’t! Haha, that’s awful!
[awkward silence] Errr… what would you do if you lost the fight?
Walk away, into a deep hole and die. Yeah, I think you should. Kelly, 17: Erm, is Jay-Z a rapper? Yes.
Jay-Z then. Is that just the first rapper that came into your head?
Yeah. Maybe Nicki Minaj. Is there anything that specifically annoys you about her?
Yeah, when she speaks English. Jesus. Ibrahim, 21, masseur: If I had to choose one, it would be Eminem. He looks like someone I can take quite easily, he’s gone all passive recently too, so I don’t think he would put up much of a fight. Would you fight him with your fists or would you use nearby objects as improvised weapons?
Barehands. I’d never fight anyone with weapons, unless they're twice the size of me. Would you take a picture of his broken body, if you won?
Possibly yeah, 'cos I could get some fame out of that. I would just show it to my friends… Noble.
Then sell it later. Would you take any of his stuff? Like a trophy?
Yeah, his wallet. Rappers carry lots of cash. What pisses you off so much about Eminem, anyway?
He disses him mum, which is not cool. Dave, 24, web designer: Lil Wayne, because he’s a little shit. What is it that annoys you so much about him?
His shit music. Do you think you’d win?
I don’t know, I’d probably just go for his gold teeth. That might not work out as well as I think you think it might. Would you yank the teeth out?
Definitely, melt them down and make a necklace out of them. Tiga, 22, rapper/business man (left): Errrm… it would probably be Tinchy Stryder. I’d head-butt him, because he’s short I think I’d like that. Oh my god, what if you killed him?
I’d just leave him in the bin. Sophie, 21: Lil Wayne, because he’s really small. He’s quite weedy. Not a female rapper, because they’d be really scrappy with their long nails. Would you fight him with bare hands or get weapons involved?
I’d probably have a weapon. Something really funny like a fish or something. Something that wouldn’t hurt him, but it would just be funny to say I slapped Lil Wayne with a fish. Previously - Why Do Buddhist Monks Shave Their Heads?