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The Hangover News

British sex was getting more dangerous this weekend, but you were too hungover to notice.

British Sex Is Getting More Dangerous

The number of young Britons having sex without contraception has risen in the last two years, if the results of a study are to be trusted.

61% of 16-19 year olds have had sex, and 43% of them did so without using a condom.

In 2009, the percentage of unprotected sexers stood at 36%.

Of this year's sample, 23% didn't use contraception because their partner thought condoms were shit, and 15% got drunk and forgot.


16% believed that the "withdrawal method" was an effective form of contraception, and the number of people who knew a close friend or family member who had an unplanned pregnancy rose accordingly, from 36% to 55%.

Some other stuff happened this weekend. Wanna find out what it was? Go to page two.

That Famous Canyon In The Utah Desert Tried To Eat Another Person

Ever see that film 127 Hours? It's the one where the guy gets trapped and has to hack his own arm off with a pen-knife to survive.

I haven't seen it either, but apparently the canyon's been at it again, swallowing up another guy who was on a trek across the Utah desert because he'd been "inspired" to do so by Danny Boyle's Oscar-nominated film.

I don't really get the logic behind a decision like that, but Amos Wayne Richards showed a lot of guts for a 64-year-old by dragging his broken body across the arid terrain for four days.

He's now resting up at home after the 10ft fall into Little Blue John Canyon broke his leg and dislocated his shoulder.

There Was One Last Bullfight In Barcelona

The last bull has been killed in a Catalan bullring, as the bullfighting calendar ran its course for the last time ahead of a ban in the Spanish region.

The sport was banned last year in Catalonia on animal cruelty grounds. Some people reckon it's because the area wants to be recoginsed as an independent state, and this very Spanish sport doesn't tally well with the fight for Catalan Nationalism.


The Monumental Arena sold out its full allocation of tickets for the fight, in which six bulls died.

The star of the show was Jose Tomas, who was given the ears of one dead bull as a memento, and then carried out of the arena on the shoulders of a crowd.

Tickets were apparently going for around €3,500 each. What does an unemployed bullfighter do?

Summer's Here!

It's going to be hotter than usual this week.

Apparently temperatures in the UK will be in the mid-20Cs all week, peaking at 28C on Saturday.

We know it's the lamest thing in the world to try to pass weather off as news, but there's not much else around this morning, and the prospect of an October heatwave ticks at least three of these boxes.