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Stockholm - Cunts By Nuts For Nuts

av Elin Unnes
2008 06 03, 4:33pm

Our friend and Vice contributor Wim suffers from a panic disorder that regularly turns her life into emotional hell. When her panic attacks first appeared, Wim disappeared. We hadn't heard anything from her in a about a year when she suddenly resurfaced and sent us a piece called "Nuts Coloring Cunts."€ Evidently, after starting a new therapy session Wim decided to create an art collective and magazine by and for the mentally ill. She couldn't figure out why there weren't any recent publications in the country dealing with mental issues, so she hung around outside mental institutions and went to group sessions until she had amassed a solid posse of collaborators. 

The people she found were Molly Brundin, Hanna Friman, Fro-Fro, and Martin. Together they call themselves Nuts, and get together once a week to hang out and create things instead of being Lonely, Lonely Lonersteins. Their work generally isn't too involved, but it is funny, irreverent, and progressive in a way sane Swedish people stopped being sometime in the mid 60s. As a tribute to another great outsider in the art world, they decided to make doodles from Tee Corinne's Cunt Coloring Book. The exercise was called "Hitta Fittan" ("Find the Pussy").


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