Would You Date a Porn Star?

"Look, mate, I'm 40 - I don't really care any more."

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This past weekend was the AVN Awards – the premier source of recognition for people who fuck on camera for a living. Remy LaCroix won the best new starlet award, so remember to whip that out when you're wearing a porn t-shirt in a sex club and some douchebag is all, "Oh, you're into porn? Who's your favourite porn star then?"

Anyway, watching the mass of stunning, ass-bleached beauties and their far more unassuming male co-stars descend on the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, it was hard to ignore the slightly worried-looking dates a few of them had chosen to bring along. That got us to thinking – what would it be like going out with a porn star? Scandalous? A constant debauched state of hedonism? Completely normal because they're just humans? We couldn't make our minds up, so went out to ask some strangers a question: Would you date a porn star? 

Elisia Cook, fashion student: Probably not, no.

VICE: Why not?
Well, a porn star isn't really the optimum male you'd want to go for, is it?

Well, there are certain benefits.
Yeah, obviously, but I don’t want someone who's slept with thousands of people.

What if he looked like Ryan Gosling and was a multi-millionaire?
No, I want to earn my own money. I don't want none of that dirty money.

Fair enough.

Siana, works in television: No, probably not.

Why not? What's wrong with porn stars?
I think I'd just get jealous. And I also have problems with the sex industry and would be constantly worried that I’d catch something. Also, male porn stars really freak me out.

What if he was the epitome of perfection looks-wise?
Erm, nah. I still couldn't do it. I wouldn't care how good looking he was if I ended up with a disease after sleeping with him.

Jamie, casting director: Yeah, I guess so, yeah.

Would you not feel uncomfortable with that being her job?
Nope, I don't think so.

Even if your friends and family saw her tapes?
Look, I’m 40, mate – I’m old – I don’t really care any more.

So you think it's your age that makes you not care?
No, I just think that if you love someone, I don’t see how their job would affect you, you know? But yeah, I suppose if I was younger, I’d be mortally embarrassed.

Jonny, barber: Nah.

Why not?
I’d only get her on the weekends. She'd be another man's woman during the week. Too weird for me, I'm afraid.

What about if she was so rich that you didn't have to work?
You didn’t say that to begin with. If I didn’t have to get out of bed in the mornings, that would be pretty good.

Does that change things?
Nah, I like working here, to be honest. Plus, the whole sharing a girlfriend thing is just a bit much for me.

John, painter and decorator: Yes.

That's a very resolute answer.
Well, it's the truth. I wouldn't mind one bit.

What about the idea of your little brother watching your girlfriend on the internet?
Oh yeah, that is a bit weird, innit? But the sex would be out of this world, I suppose.

Beautifully put.

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