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The Human Cost of War in the Central African Republic

VICE News returned to the Central African Republic on the eve of French withdrawal and United Nations intervention, as ethno-religious civil war continues to spread violence in the CAR.

In 2013, a Muslim rebel group named the Seleka led a coup in the Central African Republic, overthrowing the Christian President Francois Bozize and bringing the country into an ethno-religious civil war. Later that year, VICE News travelled to the CAR to cover the conflict which has left over 5,000 dead and nearly a million displaced.

Due to the combination of the upcoming February presidential election, the looming exit of French peacekeeping forces, and the total handover to the MINUSCA United Nations troops, the situation in the CAR is extremely fragile. With the conflict entering its third year, questions remain about how to quell the violence, which the UN describes as "The Silent Crisis."

VICE News returned to the CAR in 2014 to further document the ongoing conflict and to meet those living through the prevailing chaos.

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