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Meet Gary Glitter's Biggest Fans!

People who should be banned from handling irony.

Hi @OfficialGlitter. Thanks for showing up to show us how crap everyone is :(

If somehow you’ve missed it, a couple of days ago someone showed up on Twitter proclaiming to be the monster of glam rock himself. I don’t know if it’s really him – clue: it's not – but it doesn’t really matter either way.

He’s been trending for AGES now and he’s up to 5,000 followers. It’ll probably be 10,000 by the time this goes live. VICE is one of them. It’s important not to miss out on an internet happening.


Of course, by following him on Twitter, you’re not endorsing him. You’re not endorsing his conviction for raping countless children as young as ten. You’re not endorsing the shameless way he fled to Vietnam, a place he thought he could stage his atrocity exhibition free from impunity. No, by following him, you’re just keeping abreast of his news.

You know what does endorse him? ENDORSING HIM ENDORSES HIM. And there are enough people doing that. If you’re feeling kind, you could argue that these twerps are so thick that in their hands irony should be counted as a deadly weapon.

Anyway, here are loads of people who certainly won't be in any way regretting their pronouncements of love for the most dangerous man in pop.

It's not wildly surprising that people using the term 'legend' are cunts, I guess. Maybe we should be thankful that they didn't say 'leg-end'.

Oi Oi. Lads on tour! Download some kiddie porn! Oi Oi! It's just lads being lads!

Not only does this guy look too old for this.

But He also seems really earnest. I can't wait for him to lose his job.

Self harmer.

I'm guessing that's a cackhanded attempt at a gag.

This guy is the worst. He got all controversial about GG, thinking it was funny. But, when someone challenged him on it, he freaked out and pretended to like Gary Glitter's music.

LOL! A paedophile! LOL!

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