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Question Of The Day

What is Your Destiny?

No one knows what's written in the stars.

Welcome to Question of the Day. It gives interns something to do!

Do you believe in destiny? No? Well, then you're an idiot, but that's OK, because you're an idiot that can't do anything about being an idiot. Your idiocy is pre-ordained, just as every aspect of all of our lives are as we hurtle along the cosmic narrative arc, tiny specks of dust in a vacuum of unknowable vastness.

But you can always guess, right? We sent our interns out to see if they were capable of instigating a few existential crises.


VICE: Hi, what's your destiny?
Ian, 34, security manager: Say that again?

What is your destiny?
What? What is the question supposed to be?

What. Is. Your. Destiny? That’s the question.
Oh. Well I haven’t got one.

You haven’t got a destiny?
No. I work for a living. I’ve got a granddaughter. That’s all I’ve worked for.

Jenna, 29, actress/ barmaid: To be a successful international actress, obviously.

What if the cards don't fall in your favour?
I’ll move to the Alps and run a bar. I used to live there and snowboard.

What about money and happiness?
I’m not bothered about money, but I do want to be happy.

Cecile, 46, unemployed: To go back to work. I’m looking after my parents at the moment.

Marie, 21, intern: I want to be happy. I think that’s all. Just to be happy is my destiny. I’ve been thinking about my destiny a lot, actually, since I’ve been in London – I need to think about what to do next in my career. I really want to be rich, but if I’m not, I just want to be happy, and make love and party. And travel. And be with my friends. That's the only thing I want.

What? That's loads of things.

Alex, 24, IT analyst: I actually think my destiny is to be a Premier League footballer.

It may be a little too late. Who would you play for?
Manchester United.

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