Sydney Is a Paradise

Come and meet its angels.

This Saturday was a black day for British nationalists, as ex-pat Australians were allowed to colonise the country's drinking establishments, having a "bonzer" time and shouting loudly about how proud they are of themselves.

In fact, it was probably the blackest day for British nationalists since it was announced that Liz Hurley and Shane Warne had got engaged. That day when a demure English rose was plucked by some uncouth, balding beach bum and the Empire finally sighed its last.

But chin up, British nationalists: if photographer Craig Lundon is right, then Sydney is well on its way to becoming the depressing metropolitan hub of racial diversity and fun that London is:

"We kind of have this weird paradox in Sydney, where people think it's the best place in the world and the biggest shithole at the same time. Near-derelict buildings stand next to skyscrapers in a melting pot of races, offering everything a big city has to but doesn't need to offer," he says.

To see more of Craig's work click here.

Does your town or city qualify for paradise status? Feel free to send us your pitches. We won't bite.

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