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Question Of The Day

What's Your Favourite Internet Meme?

You DO know what a meme is, right?

You’re a regular guy or gal. You love to kick back with some mates on a Friday night, you love sending around funny pictures to your pals at the office and most of all, you love to LOL, preferably at cats. The wonderful-wide-web has made LOLs easier to come by than ever, and you couldn’t be happier. You love the internet a lot, we know. But how much do you love memes? And which is your favourite meme?


Cyril, 35: Hmmm… I really enjoyed “Dogs that look like Morrissey”. I think Morrissey deserves all the humiliation he can get. Do you think there’ve been any overrated memes in the recent past?
I’m a bit bored of “Cats that look like Hitler”. What makes a good meme?
The more surreal the better. The more it looks like some drunk people stumbled home at 4AM and thought it was really funny, the better. What do you think the next hot meme will be?
Otters that look like Tom Daly. Daniel, 28: You’re probably talking to the wrong person there, darling. I haven’t got a clue what you’re on about. Do you love memes?
Nong, 26: Not really. Why?
I don’t go online a lot, when I do use email or Facebook, it’s usually for work. You work for Facebook?!
I prefer to interact in person. What’s the IRL equivalent of a meme?
Someone who is outgoing, talkative, funny. You know, fun to hang out with. Meme party at my house this weekend. Wanna come?
No. Glen, 31: A memm?! Meme. MEE-M.
Internet meme? What like, at the end of an email or something? Internet meme… I’ve no idea what that is.

Ruby, 24: My favourite is probably the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory one, with Wonka, you know when it’s like “So, you like electronic music do you, well…” That kind of snarky thing is very good for ripping the piss out of pretty much anyone, which is nice. Equal opportunity. Any memes you don’t like?
That one where you say “I’m a doctor, my parents think I do this, my friends think I do this…” is dreadful. There’s no actual humour or common thread to tie it together. It’s terrible. Can you imagine a world without internet memes?
I can, but I think the internet would be a very sad and boring place. Sara, 28 (left) and Karin, 23. Sara: I used to really like the Google ones, but I think they changed it based on the seasons or something. I also like Facebook, or Twitter, but I don’t use them so much. Maybe I’m not up on the internet trends these days. How much do you love memes?
Ricky, 23: Not… a lot. I’m not really into the social networking. Got a favourite meme or viral vid?
The one where the man is on the skis, and he goes down Angel tube. It was probably seen by over ten million people. That’s viral, right?

It's certainly more viral than this article will be. Marcus, 36 (right) and Laura, 34. Marcus: Memes… what? Woah.
Laura: Like a music video? Viral videos, maybe. Not just a music video. Actually, maybe a music video could spawn a meme.
Marcus: I don’t know. I saw a David Attenborough documentary on YouTube the other day. That is my answer.
Laura: YouTube? You look like you might love memes.
Simon, 31: I do! My favourite of all time is, it’s a very old one, like ten years ago. And my favourite at the moment – have you seen @50shedsofgrey on Twitter? It’s very funny. Not sure that's a meme, but hey! Who gives a shit. How would you define a meme?
I think the word was coined by Richard Dawkins, as an idea that spreads almost like evolution, like that sort of evolves as it moves along. And that works really well on the internet, because these things pop up and some of them aren’t great and no one repeats them but the really good ones people pass along and adapt, and they can sort of take on a life of their own. I think the evolutionary comparison works really well. It’s kind of like modern popular culture, isn’t it? You’ve got people spending more time on the internet than they do on television, and so people have found ways to entertain themselves. How do you know so much about memes?
I’m the CEO of [redacted in the interests of not giving free publicity], a local technology company and I’m an internet nerd. Can you recommend any memes to the aspiring nerds or CEOs of local technology companies out there?
Well, the place where the memes all come from is a website called 4chan, which no one should ever visit because it’s horrific, but it’s got this amazing capability of inventing new things and having them bubble up. 4chan, I think I heard about that on Newsnight [sarcasm face]. Olu, 25: Memes are great – Haterz gonna hate! Previously - What's the First Thing You Think About When You Wake Up in the Morning?