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tea time with t. kid

An Edibles Entrepreneur Shares His Weed Industry Secrets

On this episode of our 'potcast', our host chats to Doug Cohen, co-founder of the "best damn weed dinner series" T. Kid has ever attended.
Illustration by Heather Benjamin

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On this episode of podcast Tea Time with T. Kid, I hung out with Doug Cohen, co-founder of 99th Floor, the best damn weed dinner series I've had the pleasure of experiencing in my edibles-heavy career. The company classes it up with underground multi-course marijuana meals that have some truly unexpected components—weed pea soup with lobster, anyone?

Doug talked about the formation of his business, and why people appreciate how the dining experience allows attendees to add more or less weed to the fancy meals. In other words, you can "curate" how ripped you get. We were also joined by our friend Spliff, a purveyor of great cannabis who brought along some extra special joints for us to try.

Lots of strains, lots of edibles, and, as always, a meaningful conversation that descends into blazed out giggles. Enjoy!

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Lead illustration by Heather Benjamin.