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We're Having an After Party for Our Snoop Film Premiere

And everyone's invited.

So I'm sure you're all well aware of Reincarnated – our film about Snoop Dogg's transformation to Snoop Lion – by now. If not, stay in, ignore your friends and go on the internet more, because you've already missed out on all the tweets, blog posts and exclusive videos about the film, which, tbh, is kind of embarrassing for you.

But good news: tomorrow is the first day of public screenings of the film in the UK (you can find out where exactly you can see it here) and we're having an after party at Visions bar on Kingsland Road to celebrate. So if you have missed out on anything so far, now's your opportunity to get up to speed. It's free entry, there's music from Mischa Mafia and Get Me DJs and it's 100 percent going to be better than everything else happening that night, so we'll see you there.