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The Men Who Transform into Living Latex Female Dolls

On this episode of 'VICE INTL,' we meet the people behind female masking, a curious subculture in which heterosexual men dress up as latex female dolls.

Female masking is an underground scene that took off in Europe in the 1980s and is made up of thousands of predominantly older heterosexual men who like to transform themselves into living female dolls.

To do this, the men don full-body silicone suits, prosthetic breasts, doll-like masks, and elaborate costumes to recreate the female form. The community is active online and meets up in special female masking forums to show off their unique transformations, but many feel the need to keep the habit hidden from family and friends.

On this episode of VICE INTL, we head to Amsterdam and Germany to meet a few European men who shed their masculinity and transform into feminine latex dolls. We talk to veterans of the scene with thousands of fans and costumes, as well as men who have never gone out in public in their alternative identity.