Alex Sturrock

  • Anti-socials

    Last year I travelled up and down Britain for six months to meet and take photographs of people with Anti-Social Behaviour Orders. In case you didn't know, an ASBO is something invented by the Labour government to give out to people who are seen as a...

  • Nerdstock

    We know that the Gathering sounds like some ominous, secret meeting of the Masons at a Scientology retreat in a secret bunker under Area 51, but it's really just 5,500 teenage nerds in a massive, chilly, smelly auditorium.

  • Vice Fashion - Kurd Stars F.c

    Photos by Alex SturrockStyling by Aldene Johnson

  • Vice Fashion - Nottingham Kids

    Photos by Alex Sturrock Gareth Mann, 20 Where are you from?

  • Drug Dealing

    We met up with this guy on Sunday afternoon in Radford. All the time we were talking to him, his wife was beeping the horn on his car really urgently and stressing out like she wanted him to leave really quickly. Then we looked down at his leg

  • Anti-social

    An ASBO is an Anti-Social Behaviour Order given out to people who are always mucking about and getting in bother with the pigs. Because kids are always messing around in the street when their families are