Tom Littlewood

Tom Littlewood

  • Rosemary’s Babies

    Satanism typically conjures thoughts of dark-cloaked figures in deeply wooded areas, where they sacrifice livestock over a makeshift altar and whisper mysterious incantations in hopes of appeasing their dark lord. Maybe every once in a while they get...

  • The Woman Who Fell to Earth

    People assumed she was dead for 11 days.

  • Csi Berlin: Tatjana Bergius Used To Draw Horrible Things For The Police

    Two years ago I interviewed Tatjana Bergius for the Cops Issue of Vice in Germany. She used to work for the Berlin police drawing rapists, murderers and other nasty people.

  • Who's Hungry?

    We all know that North Korea, one of the world's last socialist strongholds, has been facing a long-term economic emergency, with famine and poverty claiming 2 million lives a year at its peak.