Alex Schubert

  • Blobby Boys in 'Doug'

    Adrian's fallen on some hard times. Now he lives under the bridge.

  • Fashion Cat in 'New Place'

    Fashion Cat hates your restaurant and your baby.

  • Blobby Boys in 'State Fair'

    The Blobby Boys just want to pick up chicks at the fair, but no one wants to ride Ferris wheels with a slime monster.

  • Blobby Boys in 'Kristof's Etsy'

    Kristof has been doing a great job expressing himself through art on his Etsy page, but no one is buying.

  • Fashion Cat in 'First Class'

    The Blobby Boys are once again absent so Fashion Cat fills in. He's such a sensitive soul.

  • Blobby Boys in 'Steroids'

    The Blobby Boys decide to be fitness punks, but not all of them are treating their bodies like temples.