black metal

  • One Man Metal

    A documentary about the unexplored fringes of black metal.

  • A Couple of Juggalos Causing Mischief

    "Hey! Hold up, dude! We are NOT juggalos."

  • Nifelheim

    Until recently, twin brothers Hellbutcher and Tyrant of Nifelheim have been famous mainly for their extreme taste in studs, their Iron Maiden obsession, and living in a castle. But then they released their latest album, Envoy of Lucifer, and now...

  • Vomit Rehearsal

    This is Norwegian black-metal band Vomit in their practice space. Vomit was formed around '82 by a few 13-year-old scumbags. They were also early members of Mayhem (who shared this very space with them).

  • The Saga Of True Norwegian Black Metal

    I met Metalion during a drunken night at Oslo's Inferno Festival in 2003. I was impressed by his kind nature and unparalleled knowledge of extreme metal, so we stayed in touch over the next few years, occasionally geeking out over cameras and records.