girl eats food

  • Vegan Meat Feast Pizza

    A big slab of vegan comfort food, that won't have your meat-eating friends gagging in horror.

  • Drunken Jerk Chicken Patti

    A portable and pre-cooked carnival patty you'll be happy to dance with.

  • Cornerstore Cocktails

    They may be the flamboyant gay man of the booze world, but that shouldn't stop scumbags like you and I getting crunk on them.

  • Olympic Energy Nachos

    A snack more doped up than Dwain Chambers.

  • Fake Cheese Cheesecake

    A dairy extravaganza that'll put your after-dinner cheeseboard to shame.

  • Mini Fried Chicken Hors d'Oeuvres

    Dirty fried chicken doesn't have to be from Dixy's at 3AM on a Friday night.