Girl News

  • Girl News - Girls and Being Alone

    If you die on the sidewalk when you're not in a relationship, you die alone.

  • Girl News - Girls and Exes

    Once you've been in love with someone, they will live in miniature in a small corner of your heart forever and ever.

  • Girl News - Girls and Staying In

    Is staying in the new going out? Probably not, but it helps if you do it every once in a while.

  • Girl News - Girls and the Future

    The first line of this content unit is going to be "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" which is obviously the zeroes-and-ones-style code that will create, narrate, and regulate the future.

  • Girl News - Girls and Christmas

    If you're a girl or you know a girl and you're wondering what went wrong this Christmas, here are some tips.

  • Girl News - Girls and Parties

    "Partying" as a verb and concept makes me uncomfortable until I'm doing it.