• Hoots Mon! It's Haggis Time!

    Och aye, Jimmeh! Is there anything more satisfying in life than a wee dram and a haggis after a hard day's kilt-wearing and Sassenach-hating?

  • Children Of The Corn

    Michael Pollan is one of the foremost food and plant experts in America. He wrote The Botany of Desire a few years ago, he teaches about food, plants, and biodiversity at the University of California, Berkeley.

  • Gone Hunting

    Scandinavian parents take their kids hunting all the time. You're not allowed to shoot anything until you're 15, so it's mainly just sitting in the forest watching men with guns.

  • Kill The Foxes

    The urban fox - an altogether tougher, more resilient beast than its gay, rabbit-chasing country dwelling cousin.

  • Save our Forests

    Hey, guess what? I blew a bear's fucking head off and it felt awesome.