• This Granddad Has Gone to Fight ISIS in Iraq

    Jim Atherton says he misses bacon sandwiches and his sausage dogs.

  • The Hangover News

    This weekend, Jeremy Corbyn said he'd renationalise former public industries, and it was reported that ISIS are plotting to blow up the Queen.

  • The Hangover News

    This weekend, Jihadi John reportedly fled the Islamic State, and a House of Lords member resigned after accusations that he took cocaine with a pair of prostitutes.

  • Can We Just Laugh Off ISIS?

    Some critics are claiming that the recent spate of ISIS-mockery in the West and Arab world may not only be insulting to those whose lives ISIS has upended, but may actually help the group.

  • The Hangover News

    This weekend, The Sun published a photo of the Queen doing a Nazi salute as a child, and it was claimed that ISIS has set up its first European training camp.

  • We Spoke to the Kurdish Pop Singer Who Made a Music Video on the ISIS Frontline

    In a few short months, Helly Luv has become something of a pop culture ambassador for Kurdistan and the Peshmerga fighters.