Miyako Bellizzi

  • Mallrats

    Before Amazon, Tinder, and Netflix, there was the mall. It was a place to shop, meet boys, and go see Clueless for the 99th time. Here's a fashion shoot dedicated to its glory days.

  • Fashion: Paralegal Punk

    Punk's not dead, it just turned 31 and got a job.

  • People in the Industry Talk About Fashion and Race

    To find out what it's like for minorities working in the fashion industry, we reached out some prominent people of colour who are involved in modelling, styling, editing, designing and photography.

  • Nasty Nails

    Photos by Natalia Mantini and styling by Miyako Bellizzi.

  • Hood Housewife

    Ever wonder why there hasn't been a Compton iteration of The Real Housewives?