people who just had sex

  • Samantha and Thomas

    Passionate fights and even more passionate sex.

  • Mike and Ebone

    Go easy on that butt, Mike. You've got a good one.

  • Jinks and Money

    Jinks likes big women. Good thing he's with Money, a lovely BBW.

  • Ryan and Dan

    Two friends who have sex with each other.

  • Meredith and Kevin

    This happy couple are proud members of the polyamorous community. Meredith says it's a nice because they get to see each other fucking from angles they wouldn’t otherwise.

  • Juice and Boogie

    A pair of sexual deviants who sleep with other women.

  • Mike and Alice

    Alice gets extremely wet; that's just the way that her body is.

  • Brian and John

    Brian and John are boyfriends. Brian loves to watch John’s face while he’s fucking him, but John didn’t know that.

  • Dan and Abigail

    Dan and Abigail like to have violent sex. Belts, face punches and closet door body slams.

  • People Who Just Had Sex Is One Sexy New Show

    We talked to a bunch of people who just got done putting their Ps in each other's Vs and As.