• Weekly Drop: The Week Mariah And Miguel Became Beautiful

    Plus: which song contains the lyric "I just want to be your Dev Hynes, and you can be my Jessie Ware" ?

  • Four New Grime Kids

    Grime is going through a bit of a make-or-break period right now. Most of the better MCs have long given up trying to be grimey and are now doing pop songs with 80s revivalists and covering the Ting Tings (Dizzee) or taking their shirts off in videos...

  • UK Records

    As it’s the Mexico Issue we popped over to our buddy Ivan Mendiola’s flat in London and played him a stack of this month’s records so that we could get a real-life Mexican’s view on recorded sound in June 2008.

  • Grimewatch

    Ok, so the MOBOs hate black people. Well, not black people, but Roll Deep who weren’t even invited to the awards show. Maybe next year their record label could pay £30,000 for an old stage set of Fat Sam’s Speakeasy from Bugsy Malone and they could...