The VICE Guide to the 2016 Election


Watching the Terrifying Election as an American in Berlin

Even with a language barrier, Berlin feels more like home than most of non-urban America does.


Everyone Was Wrong

Pundit types, pollsters, the vast majority of liberals and leftists who write things on the internet—almost none of them saw this shit coming.


The Election Isn't Going to Doom America, No Matter Who Wins

Don't believe all the campaign season rhetoric: Democracy isn't under attack, and America isn't about to turn into a dictatorship, no matter who gets elected president.


Women Will Be the Ones to Save America from Trump

Thanks to decades of feminist groundwork, women across the country are poised not just to elect the country's first female president, but to reject misogynistic policies that have denied them benefits.


The Pro-Gun, Anti–Illegal Immigration Chinese Americans Who Love Trump

Asian Americans are beginning to lean left overall, but some recent arrivals from the Chinese mainland are eager to make America great again.


Why Female Trump Fans Don’t Care About the Sexual Assault Allegations

At a New Hampshire Trump rally, the candidate's supporters are way less worried about the women accusing their candidate of misdeeds than they are about Hillary Clinton ending democracy as we know it.


When Hillary Clinton Was America's Hostess

Before Hillary Clinton became a presidential candidate, secretary of state, or New York senator, she was one of the most controversial first ladies of the 20th century.


Donald Trump and What Men Say When They Think Women Won't Hear

Even if what Trump said was uniquely cavalier and disgusting, it does seem to be on the spectrum with what other straight men might say or hear at some point in their lives.


The Second Presidential Debate, Decoded

It's finally over. But what did it mean?


What It's Like to Watch This Election As an American Expat

When there's an ocean between you and Donald Trump, the approaching election can feel pretty abstract.


A Timeline of Donald Trump's Week from Hell

A bizarre debate performance, a feud with a former beauty queen, an unearthed appearance in a Playboy video, allegations of business done with Iran and Cuba, a reported billion-dollar loss, and lots and lots of denials.


Will Hillary Clinton Really Take America's Guns Away?

We asked a constitutional law professor how far a new Democratic President's gun-control policies could go.