toilet paper

  • Behind the Cover: April 2016

    Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari, the Italian prankster-photographers behind this month's VICE cover, speak out their inspiration and collaborations.

  • If You Wake Up and You’re Not in Pain, You Know You’re Dead

    These images should wipe the shit from your mind's asshole.

  • BBTeeth

    Why am I in here with you?

  • The Holy Trinity Issue Hath Descended

    Our new issue has arrived and it's ri-dick-ulously good.

  • Bribing With Blue Jeans

    Just how valuable ARE a pair of old black Levi's 550s and a fresh roll of Kleenex-brand two-ply toilet paper to today's deprived Muscovites? I recently hit the fanciest nightclubs in town to see how far I could get on the real cultural currency of...