This story is over 5 years old.

The Rainy Day Issue

Invasion Of The Reptiles

Once upon a time man and woman used to live to be over 700-years-old here on earth.
Κείμενο Duane Peters

Interpretation of Duane Peters' bedtime story by Jody Barton

Once upon a time man and woman used to live to be over 700-years-old here on earth. At that time the earth was a heaven and a lot newer than all the other planets. Mars, which is the closest in our solar system was thriving with life, as well as the three star Planet Sirus and what we call the Little Dipper, the 7 planets of Paleides. Mars and Sirus had all ready been invaded by planet less beings called the reptilians, who resemble a Cross-breeding of a snake / lizard / dragon. They can shape shift into looking like any being to what ever planet they choose to invade. When the reptilians invaded Mars they slowly started to take over in the government and started vaccines that stripped the Martians of their D.N.A.. They went from a free-thinking society to a completely enslaved planet of repressed beings that could only eat the food and water that the reptiles produced for them, causing diseases that would last long enough to which only the government could profit every penny from the Martian citizens. Finally when they could not afford treatment they would then die. The Martians eventually caught on to what was going on because of the blood hungry greed and power lust that the reptiles needed to have at all times. They encouraged the Martians to reproduce and survive. Wars were induced by the banking system and eventually the Paleidians would intervene and help them out, for it wasn’t long ago that the reptilians were doing the same at Sirus and caused extinction to the three star planets and they were exposed on the planets of Paleides and extradited back to orbit as to which they roamed until they fell onto Mars. A small percent of the Martians escaped before the last war there. Every time a planet was invaded by the reptilians there was a small amount of beings rescued and brought to this new thriving planet called earth which was then known as a safe haven. The reptiles did not know it existed until the last shipment of Martians were brought here safely and they were followed. Anyhow that is why we have so many different types of races on this planet and that’s why we have vaccinations and diseases, wars and cancers. The reptiles are in the world Government and that is why they say history repeats itself and hopefully one day man and woman will get a clue before it’s too late. DUANE PETERS
Duane Peters is the fucked-up skater/singer of the U.S. Bombs and The Hunns. He just released his first solo album on his own Disaster Records. Also check out the new documentary, Who Cares? The Duane Peters Story.