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Sex Smells

This stuff is supposed to make a man more irresistible to women than LL Cool J after bathing in a pool of Spanish fly, beaver musk, and balm of Gilead. It arrived last week, and boy does it reek.
Κείμενο Serena Pezzato

By Serena Pezzato    Photos By Giorgio Di Salvo

Twin Peaks

Vice: Tell us about your wonderful night, Marco.

Marco Zanoni:

Ouch. Did you even get a word in?

How did it go in the second club after you wiped the barf off your chin? Were the ladies more receptive to the powers of Phiero?

Oh, do tell.

All right!

Did she end up touching your penis?

There goes your only chance this year.

So Phiero makes you bold, eh?

You should’ve gone home with Shrek, stupid.

What was the tattoo of?

Oh, sure. A shitty hand thing.

Did you try to take her home anyway?

So what did you learn? Did this experiment have any scientific value?