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The highs and lows of PCP.
Κείμενο Python Lee

Photo by Jamie-James Medina.

Nearly everybody under the age of 25 in America smokes it at Christmas, but hardly a single British person has ever tried the unpredictable delights of angel dust. This amazingly dangerous drug (AKA PCP or “Dip”) was first cooked up by some US scientists in 1926 and then used as an anaesthetic and painkiller until 1965 when the doctors who prescribed it realised it was turning their patients’ brains into pizzas—only very aggressive pizzas who told their bodies to stab themselves in the stomachs with scissors. In the 70s, the Whitehouse made it illegal and BINGO! all the drug addicts said: “Yes please. I want to smoke it” and so they did and one of them ended up cutting his own face off with a piece of glass and feeding it to his dog. Anyway, the guy in the picture above is a former addict from New Jersey called Joe Budden and recently Lyor Cohen said: “The future of Def Jam Records lies in the hands of one man and that man’s name is Joe Budden”. Joints like “Focus” and his new one “Pump It Up” are doing really well in the clubs and on pirate radio but so far the mainstream media are pretty slow to catch up. Maybe that’s why the record company are saying it’s OK for Joe to talk about PCP in his interviews. It’s a new angle right? 50 Cent gets shot nine times, but Joe Budden was ADDICTED TO ANGEL DUST! You like that don’t you white boy? VICE: So, PCP…I’ve never tried it. Would I like it ?
Joe Budden: It has maybe three or four different effects on different people. Some people would trip like it was acid. Some people it would be like it was regular weird. I was pretty different. You’d start seeing shit, you’d relax. One of the guys I’d hang wid, he was getting high and he’d lay on the curb. That was my man Ashleigh. He was a dickhead. He’d lay in the middle of the street in the middle of the highway. Did he get killed?
No he didn’t. ‘Cos I kicked him. Ha ha. Funny. What else?
There was a few times when I saw people really bugging the fuck out, they’d be swimming out, ha ha ha like they out in the ocean and some shit, rowing boats, oh my God, they’d be buggin’ the fuck out. Very unattractive. Big deal, I thought it was meant to make you fly and stuff..
Jeremy (Joe’s Hype man): I’ve seen people jump out of windows. One of my mans, he’s in jail now for 30 years because he smoked the dip and killed his girlfriend. OK, how much if I want to get some?
Back in the day it was $15 to dip my cigarette. The cigarette lasts for quite some time. I liked it. PYTHON LEE
Joe Budden’s album ‘Walk With Me…’ is out June 16.