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Noisey Got a Facelift

We thought music websites were boring, so we started our own.
Benjamin Shapiro
Κείμενο Benjamin Shapiro

When we started Noisey last year, we thought we’d be satisfied travelling the globe to time zones we didn’t know existed, documenting the year in music from the ginormous heavy hitters to the no-fi podunk garage bands that usually just play to their girlfriends and moms. To do this, we were compelled to sift through the stale detritus of a bazillion music sites, and guess what—most of them have about as much to say about music as Macaulay Culkin’s dad in the “Black or White” video.


A few months ago we decided hey, why not just give the people what they want. You know what most music sites do? They rewrite press releases, give you inane previews of “exclusive advance album artwork,” and generally piss all over this whole music thing that we all sort of live for. So we decided to make a music site that’s not run by suck-ups and nerds—we’ll be giving you daily videos (both on the site and on our very own YouTube channel), reviews, new music recs, photos of babes in bands, insanely witty opinion pieces—everything that you want from a full-service music site without any of, well, the dumb shit. But we’ll stop tooting our own French horn. Just head to the site and check it out.

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