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The Issue That Cares


Some of the members of Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All have been snapping every moment they've found worth capturing for the past year or so.
Milene Larsson
Κείμενο Milene Larsson
01 Νοέμβριος 2011, 11:55pm

Photo by Vyron Turner. Courtesy PictureBox.

Some of the members of Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All (or just good old Odd Future to most people) have been snapping every moment they’ve found worth capturing for the past year or so. If you’re not a regular visitor to their Golf Wang Tumblr and can’t be bothered to click through it all, you’ll be over the moon to hear that the highlights are being put into a book that will be out in November, conveniently named after the Tumblr. The first 500 copies (which come with a signed print) have already sold out, so if you’re looking to get your hands
on this 196-page hardback album of 12 months in the life of one of the most hyped and weirdly amazing new groups in recent memory, go to the computer and pre-order your copy now (we put the pre-order link after the interview because putting links in intros
looks lame).

VICE: Hi Tyler, what’s up?
Tyler Okonma aka Tyler, the Creator, Wolf Haley or simply “Ace”: Sup niggas, I’m fine as fuck. I’m in New York and just finished talking art with Swizz Beatz and chords with Alicia Keys, performing with Pusha T, chatting with Lloyd Banks and making out with some random bitch. Now I’m hooking up an Xbox to play my new game. 

How come OFWGKTA are doing a book?
OFWGKTA aren’t doing a book. Sagan Lockhart, Julian Berman, Lucas Vercetti, Taco Bennett, Brick Stowell, Left Brain and I are. We’re all from OF though. I’ve always wanted to release books, one with photos and one with my art. Finally, some nigga named Nick actually believed in me and said, “Hey, I can get this shit made.”

How did the Golf Wang Tumblr come about?
I thought it’d be cool to have something we can look at. We had a bunch of fucking photos and nowhere to put them but in a box. We update the Golf Wang Tumblr at least once a week, and Taco, Lucas, Vyron [Turner, fellow Odd Futurer] and I all upload different sets. It keeps us busy and out of trouble, so we’ll keep that shit going for sure. 

Do you all share the same photographic aesthetics?
Not really. Julian is more like the photographer; he’s all about lighting and shit. Brick loves black and white concert band shots, and the rest of us just like capturing moments.

Photo by Brick Stowell. Courtesy PictureBox.

Which were the best moments this year?
There are a couple of epic moments, like when I met Pharrell, and photos of Thebe, Travis and I on the trampoline. They’re all in the book and every photo in it means something. Young niggas running shit.

Did you fight over whose pictures would get in the book?
The selection bit was fucking hard because we love all the photos. Then we were like, “Fuck it, we can make a Golf Wang 2.” We have too fucking many photos. I never leave the house without a camera, and Sagan has like shoe boxes full of negatives. 

I’ve heard you like Jason Dill, Dash Snow and his Irak crew. Would you say they’ve been at all influential to you guys getting into photography and all?
I remember seeing their photos back when I was 16 and I was like, “What the fuck? This is awesome.” That’s when I started taking photos because it made me want to take photos of everything in my world because I know that when I get older I’m going to want to visit the good old days. Jason Dill is also one of my favourite skaters, that’s my nigga. RIP Dash. 

Do you always bring a skateboard when you travel?
Yes, but not recently since I’ve broken my foot. 

What was it like when Terry Richardson shot you guys for VICE?
Terry is awesome. He let us put on Waka Flocka for an hour and stand in front of a white wall and do whatever we felt like, and he didn’t say shit. Most photographers say lame shit like, “Make a mean face,” or, “Look as if though you’ve just seen a toilet fuck a moose” and I’m like, “No, fuck you.” Also, Terry shot the cover of the greatest album of all time—mine—so he’s the fucking greatest. 

What other photographers do you like?
Fuck photography, I just like taking photos. But to answer your question, is awesome as fuck. 

Golf Wang is out in November, published by Picturebox. Visit to pre-order a copy.