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The Double Rainbow Bed Intruder Guys

The Gregory Brothers are the people who turned YouTube stars Antoine Dodson and Paul Vasquez (aka Yosemitebear, aka hungrybear9562, aka “the double rainbow guy”) into unintentional, successful pop singers.
01 Οκτώβριος 2010, 12:00am

Auto-Tune the News

Vice: Hi Evan. Explain to me how your group works.

Evan Gregory:

But you all have facial hair?

Really? You mean it?

How did the Gregory Brothers’ satirical music video venture come about?

What’s your connection with Barely Political?

Auto-Tune the News

Your satirical auto-tune videos are musically miles apart from your “folky soul jams”. Do people ever get pissed off when they buy your EP, thinking they’d get the funny video tracks?

How do you record them?

Is it difficult to keep a straight face when recording?

Because once you start laughing it’s hard to stop?

Right. Do you all share the same sense of humour or do you get into stupid arguments about how to present stuff?

Is this your job now? Can you make a living out of it?

What’s your bestselling song?

Do Antoine Dodson and the double rainbow guy get a cut of the profits?

And gave them an opportunity to make a buck.

Would you consider producing a whole album with them, and like, start a new kind of pop star factory?

Have you met them?

He gets invited to fashion parties now?

I read that CBS has tried to sue you about ten times. Has anyone else threatened to take you to court?

I bet. There’s this common perception that comedians are depressed and deal with it by making fun of stuff. Would you agree?

So you wouldn’t call yourselves comedians then?

So what’s next? Will there be an album coming out soon?

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