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The Mentally Ill Issue

The Real World

Why The Real World is hilarious...
Κείμενο Virginia Hunt

Photo by Tim Barber

The Real World is my favorite show of all time because it's very hilarious. On The Real World You Never Saw DVDs, you get to see more funny stuff you never saw from all the roommates of whichever season they are doing that DVD about. There's bloopers (those are when they make stupid mistakes), some nudity (especially when they go on vacation), and cursing (lots of cursing!). I'm a native of Chicago, and this is the Chicago Real World DVD—but, get this, Chicago isn't my favorite season! I loved New Orleans. Melissa, Danny, Jamie…there were some health buffs and some drunks in there, too. The season that's happening now, Philadelphia, is OK, I guess. It's pretty much a mess. My favorite one on there is Shavonda. She's got a little city thing going on for her. She seems to be real cool to hang out with. She can probably give me some tips for giving it my third go at trying out for The Real World—I've already tried out twice! Obviously she knew what to do, since she was accepted. I went to open-call auditions. You have to go on the internet to find the locations. For the Midwest it's always in Illinois or Wisconsin, or anywhere else. And then you have about two to ten minutes to make an ass out of yourself. I just gave it my all. Don't rehearse—that's the key. It's got to be real and it's got to be you. That's why it's called The Real World. They ask you questions, like they ask things that people would never do, really crazy things, and then if you've done it, you raise your hand! The very last thing they ask you is to tell them one word to remember you by. I had no problem with that. I said I was unpredictable because I'm like the weather—unpredictable! That was the first time I tried out. The second time was about two minutes—not even worth my time. They were in a big rush that time. They were going to Paris for that season. Obviously, they didn't see the real me. Actually, you know what, I haven't even watched my Real World Chicago DVD yet. I've got to find the time to watch this thing and then I'll get back to you when I know how good it was. VIRGINIA HUNT