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The Tidbits Issue

Hey, What's In Your Bag There, Huh?

FredPostcards: "I'm originally from France. I pick these up to write folks back home."Journal: "Mostly I just put my ideas in here, but sometimes I write about things that have happened. It's all in French, though, see?"
VICE Staff
Κείμενο VICE Staff

Postcards: “I’m originally from France. I pick these up to write folks back home.” Journal: “Mostly I just put my ideas in here, but sometimes I write about things that have happened. It’s all in French, though, see?” Camera: “I am a photographer. This isn’t the camera I use for work, just a small personal one.”


Hotel bill: “I just got in and stayed at the Hudson Hotel the night before last.”


Lipsticks: “I’m totally lipstick-crazy. I really have no idea how many I’ve got in here.”

Bike key: “I don’t have my bike out today, but that’s for the chain.”

Rinazina: “This is from back in Italy, you all don’t have it here. I’ve been getting really stuffy because of the seasons, so I keep it with me.”


Sketchbook: “I’ve had this one a little while, so it’s getting pretty full. I was drawing in it right before you came up.”

CDs: “Just a few I grabbed on the way out this morning. I think I’ve got Jandek in there. I was just listening to Daydream Nation.”

Notebook: “I use this to write down bands and movies and things I’d like to see or get into. Otherwise, when I go to a store I totally blank on what I’m looking for.”

Cans: “It’s just cans. I take them to the Key Food, they give me five cents for ’em.” Bugler Tobacco: Do you have a thing for this particular brand, or is it just whatever they’ve got? What?


Sign for getting your name in graffiti: “This is how I get by.”

Subway map: “Some of the guys here go way back, you know?”

So wait, these are all by different people?

“No, this is all me, all my stuff.”

Oh, I get it. ‘Guys.’

Calligraphy instruction manual (sketched in): “I grabbed that to keep up on my form.”

Tube of circular cotton pads: “That shit’s my girlfriend’s, I have no fucking clue how it ended up on me.”


Naloxone: “This is for heroin overdoses. It blocks the opiate receptors, which reverse the effects of the heroin for a short amount of time while the ambulance gets there. It’s not for me; I work for a couple harm-prevention agencies in the city.”


CPR mask: “This is for when the Naloxone isn’t enough to get them back breathing.”

Condoms: “These are for personal use.”


DVD: “A good time.”


Jackets and woofer: “These are things I picked up to sell. That’s a good woofer there, I’d give it to you for $50. Nice jackets, too.”

Computer: “It’s just a computer. There, see? It’s a computer. Christ.”

Blazers patch: “That’s just some patch I’ve been carrying around. I like the flames comin’ out of the ball.”

Portfolio and sunglasses: “I’m actually from Austin. My boyfriend and I just got here a couple days ago and have been just kind of hanging around and trying to set up interviews.” Boyfriend’s socks: “Hey! There they are. This morning we were packing up, and we spent probably 30 minutes looking for these socks. We just kind of wrote them off as lost.” Address book: “I got this a while ago at this place back in Austin. I really like the cat on it.”