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Artist Profile: Michael Hsiung

VICE Staff
Κείμενο VICE Staff

Of Chinese-American descent and a native Los Angelenos, Michael C. Hsiung is known for his black-and-white pen/ink drawings depicting imaginary mustached characters and fantastical creatures, such as centaurs and mermen.  He has done illustrations and artwork for clients such as Dr. Martens, Enjoi Skateboards, Amigos Skateboards, Momentum wheels, OJ Wheels, Oxford American Magazine, James Iha, Vice, Wolves Kill Sheep clothing, BC Surf and Sport, Matix, and Ambiguous Clothing. He currently lives in Los Angeles, CA where he continues to draw and show his works in addition to collaborating with his painter sister Pearl C. Hsiung under the name Fight To The Death.

"As a youngster I watched every horror movie I could, and it wasn't until he saw the Texas Chainsaw Massacre at 11 years old that was I truly terrified.  When I heard that Texas Chainsaw Massacre was to be released as a 3-D movie, I decided to create my poster highlighting Leatherface's killing tools, such as the chainsaw, meat hooks, and knives all centered around his mask.  Because the movie was going to be in 3-D I chose a light blue background which I thought would help highlight the drawings that all had a hint of red! " - Michael C. Hsiung