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What's the Most Disgusting Thing You've Ever Eaten?

Why in God's name would you put that in your mouth?
VICE Staff
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Like all subjective things in life, opinions on “good” food vary greatly from individual to individual and culture to culture. It’s a real whatever-floats-your-boat kind of thing. Of course there are your fringe-eaters who enjoy things like liver and gizzards, but for the most part they’re real freaks who should be avoided at all costs. We set out to ask the normal guy on the street what’s the most disgusting thing they’ve ever stuffed into their mouth-holes.


Miguel: Lamb, man. Anything lamb. Especially with that cinnamon rice.

Is there someone who cooks that for you?
Nah, I went to a restaurant, so I paid twice. Once because I hate that stuff, and twice because it cost me money.

Frank: I can’t really think of anything.

You’ve never had bad food?
Well, there were a couple of restaurants in Brooklyn I liked and they got closed down because they were making people sick. But you can disguise anything with salt and pepper. Honestly, if you put pepper on it, I’ll eat it.

Jimmy: Army food. Any meal.

So rations are just awful?
Right. Well, they were then, 30 years ago.

Do you think they’ve gotten any better?

What do they put in them?
God knows.

Mike: Spinach. And liver.

Is there someone who makes you eat that?
When you’re in your parents’ house, they like that kind of stuff. So they’ll make it, you gotta eat it. I eat a little bit of it though.

So you feed the rest to the dog?
Nah. They wanted me to take some home. And I said, nah, you keep it. It’s that good.

Do you try to have your parents come over to your place?
No, usually I go to their place because they’re too old to be traveling. So I eat with them, but sometimes I bring my own food, just in case.

Justin: Probably a couple days ago. We were in Boston and we had breakfast… I think it was called Mimi’s or Bibi’s, something like that. It was terrible.

What did you order?
I got a Mexican omelet and it was pretty terrible. The salsa was like ketchup with onions in it. There was hot avocado all smeary… it was just very, very poor.


Did you get sick from it?
I pretty much usually eat everything whether it’s bad or not and I couldn’t get through it. I had that feeling like I’d get sick from it.

So you gave up?
Yeah, I gave up and ate my friend’s food.

Was that any better?
A little bit. She had the French toast, which was like a fried egg on Texas toast.

Fuck Boston.

Hayden: I think a meal back when I lived in Atlanta. It was at the Varsity, and I had three hamburgers and three hotdogs.

In one go?
All in one sitting. I felt like it was delicious at the time, but I felt awful afterward. So, in terms of the result, it was the worst meal I ever had.

Was it one of those in-restaurant contests where you get a free meal or you get a sandwich named after you if you finish a huge amount of food?
I think it was the high-school pressure of eating more than everyone around me. So, an unofficial contest.

Did you win?

John: A tongue sandwich. In Mexico, at a street stall.

Whoa dude, why’d you eat that?
I was drinking, profusely, right before that happened.

What did the sandwich taste like?
You know, I can’t even honestly remember. It just was really nasty. It seemed like a good idea at the time. But about 30 minutes later I decided to give it up.

You gave up on eating it?
No, I ate the sandwich, I just decided to return it to the street.

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