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See Jason Silva Talk About Why We're Gods

We're Giving Away Tickets To Hear Why Technology Has Made Us Gods.
Κείμενο VICE Australia
24 Σεπτέμβριος 2012, 7:33am

According to Jason Silva, the American filmmaker, journalist and philosopher, the human race's relationship with technology has arguably turned us into gods. Of course he isn’t referring to your face-meltingly insightful Twitter account, but rather our accomplishments. From nuclear technology to the sequencing of the human genome, we can create and destroy at a rate never seen on earth before.

Chill, it’s not all smiting and destruction. He’s joining a line-up of word class thinkers at The Festival Of Dangerous Ideas in Sydney to discuss his big ideas and utopian narratives in his talk, 'We Are The Gods Now'. We think this is pretty cool stuff, so we’re giving away 5 double passes to see him on the 30th September and have your tiny god like human mind blown.

To win one, just email us and tell us us what technology you're the god of.