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Documented Mind- Wandering

Tickley Feather is the nom de plume of a 29-year-old woman named Annie Sachs. She lives with her four-year-old son, Aiden, out in West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. When she has some time off from doing motherly stuff, she writes and sings these...
Κείμενο Theydon Bois

Photo by Lawrence Albert

nom de plume

Tickley Feather

Vice: So, what can you tell us about the record?

Annie Sachs:

What’s your set-up?

What kind of music and culture did you soak up as you grew up?

What do your parents do?

In your experience, which feather provides optimum tickling?

What type of feather did you have in mind when you chose your name.

Do fans send you feathers in the mail?

Who do you imagine will buy your songs?

Tickley Feather’s self-titled debut is out next month on Paw Tracks.