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The Mentally Ill Issue

I Want My Dvds

My friend's dad used to have the dodgy, porno paperback version of Caligula. I'd read it bit by bit at his house when he was asleep or taking a shit.
VICE Staff
Κείμενο VICE Staff

Warner Vision My friend's dad used to have the dodgy, porno paperback version of this film. I'd read it bit by bit at his house when he was asleep or taking a shit. Amazing, authentic filth. Phrases like "His aching, monstrous cock searched out the deep, damp grotto between his sister's lean, thirteen year old legs…", went straight into the ol' wank bank. Couldn't wait to see this so that I could picture Helen Mirren working the wand instead of an actual sibling, but it's the R-rated version and they've cut out all of the interesting bits. So… GEEZER The Weather Underground
Madman These days, the only way to raise a student's ire is to make them pay too much for textbooks or run out of free beer. Back in the midst of war and disillusionment during the late 60s, the best way to rid yourself of bourgeois guilt was to dabble in a bit of radical politics and domestic terrorism. Soon, everyone in the USA would hopefully know what it was like to be black or Vietnamese…but not really. Powerful, objective and extremely tense doco with great footage of rioting, murder scenes and angry, hot activist bush in army berets. OLD TOAST Bill Hicks - Live
Ryko/Stomp I hate it when you make a joke about retards and then someone says, "It won't be so funny when you have mentally challenged kids." Thanks. Bill constantly goaded non-smokers and lampooned cancer cases, so guess what happened when he hit 32? Just goes to show that the only good stand up comedian is a dead one. SVETLANA JONES Word Wars
Stomp Visual The whole idea of a massive Scrabble tournament seems like the most painful experience of all time but somehow, this doco has managed to find four of the most diverse, fascinating and obsessive dudes on the planet and thrust the tile bag in their hands. Who would have thought that guys who spend an entire year memorising dictionary revisions would also have time for tai chi, gambling, weed, crack and paid-for pussy? Buy your board now before it goes the way of Birkenstocks and track bikes. CHUCK&TITO Metallica
Some Kind Of Monster
Paramount ‘Mega-rich-thrash-metal-overlords' pressure taking its toll? Twenty years of free beer and bitches got you down? Collectively owning 600, say it with me, 600 guitars too much for you? Why don't you just kill yourselves then you moaning, ungrateful bastards? This genius movie is a three hour disclaimer and hilarious master class in how to make lame records. The reason it's so "stock", Lars, is that you all look like The Eagles and act like The Beach Boys. What ever happened to "Metalli'fuckin'ka", man? DAVE MUSTAINE Snoop Dogg: Puff Puff Pass Tour
Warner Vision Unbearable sound quality makes the live segments of this DVD useless but this isn't even really about the music—it's one long advertisement for weed, life on the road (basketball/hoes) the hip hop way and amateur philosophy. "Everything's gonna kill you, whether it's the blown-up-ass chicken wings that we eatin' everyday, or the good dope or the Hennessey or the forty ounce or the bad bitches—something' gone blow us up! If bein' mad don't get us, we're gonna get somethin'" True Dogg…true. LOVEBUG