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Vice Fashion - Fast Food Girls

Are fresh.

Photographers: Jamie-James Medina with Queenie
Styling: Ashleigh Arrell, Jemma Michelson
Scouting: Doris Vanistendael

Nazina, Kansas Fried Chicken, Brixton, South London

“The job’s a bit dirty you know. And when you work late at night you get a lot of drunks and people swearing at you but my family are here so they watch out for me. Some people still try it on though but mostly my brothers just joke about it. The hours are bad. I do mornings, from nine till six in the evening, seven days a week. I worked in a florist when I was at college, after that I always worked here. Eventually I want to open my own business. I like designing shoes.”


Clare, Arsenal Fried Chicken, Highbury, North London (left)

“When you get drunken people hassling you and blowing kisses at you it can be a bit nerve-wracking but I just get on with my job and think about the money. Everybody loves No. 1. It’s a piece of chicken, three hot wings, chips and a drink. Standard.” Emma (right)
“We get a lot of the football crowd in here on the Saturday and some of them are a bit rude. Mostly I just stare them out if they’re giving me hassle and serve ‘em a smaller portion. If people are nice or look like they’ve not got much money I give ‘em a bit extra.” Emma’s bracelet by Dolce & Gabana, shirts by Arsenal Fried Chicken, Clare’s skirt by Mambo

Naomi, Caglar Kebab, Hackney, East London

“My shift starts at eight and ends at four in the morning, then we have to clean up for an hour and a bit. Travelling home late at night is also a bit of a problem, it takes ages. I get chatted up a lot by stupid horrible pissed men who I hate but I’m sure they lack the conviction of what they say. They just give you all sorts of compliments and say how beautiful I am. One guy asked me if he could come behind the counter and kiss me in the kitchen. I told him to fuck off and all his mates started laughing at him. Students are the worst.” Shirt and pants by Dickies, bra model’s own, shoes by Converse

Dress and tanktop by Mambo, shoes by Adidas, drink by Big Tyme

Jo, Cheepy Chick Chicks, Clapton, East London

“People don’t believe me when I say I enjoy my job but it’s true. I like serving people food because, it’s like, when people have food they’re happier innit? I don’t want to be doing this forever because I have to wash my hair twice a day because of the smell of fat but right now I’m happy where I am and I like all the people I work with. It could be a lot worse. You could be in Africa or something and you could have to be serving hardly any rice at all to those little babies. I mean, if I had to, I’d do it, but I wouldn’t fancy it much.” Shoes by Gola, skirt by Moshiko Koshino, parka by Addict, hoodie by Mambo