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VICE Fashion - Friends Who Died

Mourning lost friends.
Κείμενο Christoph Voy

Photography: Christoph Voy

Styling: E. Masson

Co-ordination: Hector Muelas

Hanin: Carl was in my old band. He was suffering from drug-induced psychosis. Once we got him out of the hospital before a tour, spit was running off his mouth and he could hardly talk. He was full of medication. His relation with drugs was a tight one. He even chose drugs to kill himself. He collected all his medication and took it all with alcohol.


All clothes are model´s own

Claudia: Igor was my boyfriend for one and a half years. The day before my diploma presentation in college we had a fight and he left. Some hours later, police officers came home and informed me of his death. He fell down the steps in the garage where he did his final shot. He tried to quit several times but he was fucking addicted to heroin.

T-shirt by Dickies, jeans by Firetrap

Steve: Stephan Kraus was a very important part of me. He was extreme and destructive. He used to do 4 grams of heroin, 3 grams of coke and around 30 downers every day, half a year before he died. That’s when I left him, in order to not be destroyed and so I could start a new life. He couldn’t stand all the pain inside him. He died in 94, from a heroin overdose.

Boots by Chelsea/Underground Shoes London, shirt by Pepe Jeans, trousers by Dickies, shades by Von Zipper, jacket model´s own

Claudia: Andreas was my boyfriend and he was 15 when he overdosed. We both went to detox but I got clean a year before him. He wanted me to wait for him, but I didn’t. When Andreas saw me with my new boyfriend, he wrote me one last letter then went to the same ladies toilets where we had shot up together once. He died there. I began shooting up heroin when I was 12. When I was 13, I started taking cocaine. My mum once found me lying motionless on the bathroom floor; I had stopped breathing.

T-shirt by Lee, sunglasses by Von Zipper, belt by Billabong, jeans model´s own

Daniel: I met this person while I was doing community service in an institution treating drug addicts. Due to the institutional rules we were supposed not to have any kind of relation with these guys but I became friends with one of them because I knew his family as well. During his withdrawal he had a relapse and overdosed on heroin. He kept saying: “Drugs are always going to be a part of my life”.

Pullover by Firetrap, T-shirt by Lee, jeans by Meltin Pot, shoes by RbK