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The Catastrophes Issue

When Jamie Met Jack

There are lots of good stories about Jack Bond. There’s the one with the armed helicopter that chased him across an Italian mountainside, there’s the one about getting sacked from Points of View, and the one about doing LSD on...
30 Νοέμβριος 2010, 12:00am

Points of View

Anti-Clock, Separation

The Other Side of the Underneath

VBS Meets Jack Bond

Vice: Hey Jamie, so why were you particularlinterested to meet Jack Bond?

Jamie Reynolds:

Do you think you managed to become buddies with him?

So what’s your favourite of his movies?



In 1979, emotionally exhausted after the completion of

, Jack escaped to Europe where the life of this young filmmaker took a surprising, and violent turn. What follows is an abridged extract from the excellent

—Jack Bond’s autobiography-in-progress.

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