This story is over 5 years old.

Day Jobs - Brendan From The Pharmacy

Growing the green stuff with The Pharmacy.
Κείμενο Kristen Yoonsoo Kim

When I heard that The Pharmacy’s drummer Brendan used to be a weed farmer, I had developed a few preconceived notions about him. Firstly, it made perfect sense that he kept postponing our meeting due to his forgetfulness and oversleeping and stuff (took two weeks and, like, eight rainchecks to make this interview happen). Two, I was pretty sure that he would have long, stoner hair, smell faintly ‘herbal,’ and throw around a lot of “yeahhhhhhhh duuuude it was totally rad’s” while relaying highlarious anecdotes from the weed farm. 

But when I finally met Brendan at McCarren Park on a Sunday afternoon, he wasn’t at all what I had expected. He was friendly but in a somewhat worn out way (maybe hung over). He had normal guy hair (?), never once called me “duuuude,” and as ridiculous as his stories were, they were tinged with sorrow as he recalled the abusive seven months he spent on a weed farm with a batshit crazy guy named Sparrow Hawk: his penis-flapping, acid-eating, Dead Head junkie pot-planting partner. 

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