This story is over 5 years old.

The Erik Lavoie Issue

Erik’s Mom

Thank you for birthing Erik Lavoie.
Κείμενο Dennis Romans

Photo by Glynnis McDaris.

VICE: First of all, it is a real honor to be talking to you, and thank you for birthing Erik Lavoie.
Pennie Lavoie: You’re welcome. What did Erik look like when he was first brought unto the world? Was he glowing?
Oh, just a wrinkly little baby. You wouldn’t have recognized him. What was it like giving birth to a legend? He must have just slid right out like sifted gold.
He was late, actually. After being two and a half weeks overdue, they sent me to the hospital to be induced. They tried for ten hours but it didn’t work, so they sent me home and told me to come back a week later. But that night I went into labor. Maybe he was so reluctant to come out because he knew mortals would have trouble accepting him, like Superman.
I think he was just lazy. Or really comfortable. Did you always know that Erik was the chosen one?
We always knew he was special, yes. It was strange having such a special and magical child in my home. Was there jealousy on his siblings’ part? It must be hard to be in his shadow. It’s like, imagine being Buddha’s little brother.
I think they just enjoyed being connected to somebody famous. It’s beneficial for them. Have you ever seen Erik fly?

Actually, yes. He used to do flying trapeze. We were the Flying Lavoies. I had a flying trapeze school and we would put on shows and teach lessons. Do you remember Erik’s first words? I sort of picture him saying “bequeath” or “melodious” for his first word.
It was the name of our dog, Sam. I was always yelling at the dog, so he heard the name a lot. What were Erik’s boyhood diversions? Did he play tennis, race cars, box?
He was passionate about Lego. He used to horseback ride, and he started skiing when he was three years old. He also represented our area in the water-skiing event in the Quebec Games when he was fifteen. DENNIS ROMANS