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Vice Fashion - The Erik Lavoie Issue

Photos by Danielle Levitt, Styling by Signe Yberg.
Κείμενο Danielle Levitt

Photographer: Danielle Levitt
Stylist: Signe Yberg
Hair: Pierra for Artmix
Makeup: Nick Barose for Artmix
Set Design: Amy Henry
Models: Erik Lavoie, Dominique at Elite, Schynaider at Elite.,

Shirt by 55DSL, underwear and jewelry stylist’s own, socks by The Sock

Shirts, sweater, shorts, skirt, and headband by Ellesse.

Ferrari shirt and hat by Fila.

From left: Running top and shorts by Fila (with stylist’s own customized tank top), socks by The Sock Man, sneakers by Reebok; vintage bikini by Screaming Mimi’s, socks by The Sock Man, sneakers by Reebok; wrestling singlet with Swarovski crystals by Heatherette, barbell necklace by Jason’s Jewelry New York City, socks by The Sock Man, wrestling boots by Adidas.