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The Kids Issue

Vice Fashion - Ideal Kids

Kids talk about style.
Κείμενο Lena Modigh

STYLIST AASISTANT PIERRE ALEXANDER CAMILO We asked seven kids how they would style themselves and each other—girls got to do boys, and boys got to do girls—and our favourite stylist Lisa helped them put it together. We figured it would give us fashion input and ideas so nutty and unheard of they would make Bernhard Wilhelm and Raf Simons go green with envy. But guess what, kids are super conservative. Top by Petite Bateau, jeans by Scala, earrings by Einstein, boots model’s own

Frida, 7

I like tank tops with patterns and stuff like flowers and hearts. A light spring jacket might be nice, but it’s better without a jacket. And I love these cowboy boots. I wear them all the time. I’ve only ever met one other girl with cowboy boots, but she hardly wears them at all. For boys I think they should wear cool sneakers with laces and no jewellery.


Polo shirt by Lacoste, jeans by Gant, sneakers by SOC

Sebastian, 8

I like girls who wear black or blue jeans, and a white T-shirt. No prints, please. And heels, high heels, and their hair loose. I want girls to dress in a way that makes them look kind, and I like narrow jackets. My mum has great style. I don’t even know why, I just think she does.

Hoodie by Nike White Label, jeans by Lee, T-shirt by Polo Ralph Lauren, pumps by Balettshopen

Nellie, 8

Guys just need to wear jeans and a polo shirt, that’s it. Short hair is nice, but not too short. I actually can’t think of one single guy who has extra good style. Not even an artist.

Shirt by Gant, T-shirt by Peter Jensen, underwear by Björn Borg, jeans by Diesel, shoes by Umbro by Kim Jones.

Jonathan, 9

Tight is better than baggy on girls. And I like it when they dress girlie, but not in princess dresses and stuff like that. Some jewellery is OK, but not too much. And I like blue and black. But mainly for boys.

Top by Fornarina, skirt by Miss Sixty, shoes by Top Shop